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People spend an average of $80 on the Super Bowl


People spend almost $80 bucks a person for the Super Bowl! I dont know if that is on nacho cheese or if thats broken tvs! Judi spends her $80 bucks on shopping! She said it is the best day to go, there isn’t anyone at the mall. The last time she watched the game was 3 years ago when I invited ... Read More »

Man in Tears after hearing his wife’s voice from a voice message 14 years after her death. #tabascofiles Feel Good #TGIF


Have you ever lost someone close to you and wish, just once, you could hear their voice one more time?   An older gentleman in the U.K. got just that chance, and his reaction will bring a tear to the toughest of guys! Don’t know if it’ll be during the Super Bowl ads, but I LOVE this new commercial from Snickers ... Read More »

Did you know Sony sold Walkman cassette players till 2010!?


Sony was producing and selling the Walkman Cassette player until 2010! That’s cute, to me! I heard the story last night of someone talking about a CD player and when I worked at a different country radio station I had to play the music off a home CD player because they didn’t have the money for the new industrial commercial ones. ... Read More »