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Tabasco Files Tuesday March 31, 2015


Almost April Fools Day!  Do you have a prank you can’t wait to try on someone?  This is no joke, and it’s the latest thing folks are doing at weddings.  Putting a Go-Pro at the bottom of a bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage.  This Time, it’s a bottle of Tequila.  HERE’s what the BOTTLE got to see:   ... Read More »

Ben and Jerry’s 71 flavors!


Kangaroos do not burp or fart! I wanted to let you know if you are on the pet search! I got a gassy dog! She can just clear a room! Judi isn’t sure if you can have a kangaroo as a pet, but I don’t see why not! Plus they are great as security – someone breaks in and they ... Read More »