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Ireland Man assaults neighbor with his Beer Belly


This guy in Northern Ireland is in count this week because he assaulted his elderly female neighbor with his giant beer belly. Please tell me there is video on this? He was using it to push her away from his house. He was trying to bump her out of his yard with his beer belly. She did though fall and ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Dierks 90’s band with Miranda


So a lot of artists during their touring season have about 6 months on and 6 months off. Right now Dierks Bentley and he has a 90’s side band and dresses up in tight jeans, tank top, and a mullet! It’s hilarious! They actually do a lot of events! Read More »

Tabasco Files #TGIF The Dress, The Dress, The DRESS! Internets a MESS Cuz the DRESS!


#TheDress went viral last night and it’s really confusing!  Is the Dress Gold and White?  Is it Black and Blue?  Why are people seeing different colors???? BUZZFEED WAS BUZZING WITH WHAT TAYLOR SWIFT SAW From a post at THISASKREDDITPOST on person posted a cool link to test your COLOR PERCEPTION HERE Seoul Sinkhole Swallows people!  This is incredible! ... Read More »