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Woman corrects $1,000 bank error – Would you?


Women writes that she goes to the bank first thing in the morning and they are not aware of the error. She told them they gave her to much money, $1,000 to much. The bank had to figure out where the money went and had to recreate the whole transaction. Good for her for being so honest! What would you ... Read More »

Nothing Girl Ain’t Nothin’ To Me!


Sorry for my delay on this post!  Been crazy busy!  BUT, I HAVE found some down time to get back to one of my favorite hobbies:   Reading!  It’s been a long time since I’ve found by pure accident a really great book.   So last week I dusted off my kindle and went to look at the books on ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Pranking a scammer :-)


If you are like me I love a good phone prank! Especially when you prank an actual scammer! Yeah this guy uncovered a scam that is going on online geared towards the elderly. They are trying to rip them off by fixing their computer that doesn’t need to be fixed! This guy acts like an elderly couple, he calls them ... Read More »