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Insert Hockey Puck Here

Hockey Puck in Mouth

There are times I just don’t think and end up with a hockey puck in my mouth. Yesterday my email was full of…how shall I put this nicely…”unfriendly emails”… because I threw blue pens away on the show. Quick backstory. Jeane and I were talking Cardinals and I decided an easy way to show support  was to get rid of ... Read More »

The Worst News…Yet!

No pumpkin? That’s the worst news I’ve heard all week! Libby says they may not have enough canned pumpkin to get us thru Christmas. WHAT?!?! My family loves its pumpkin. Tracey, my wife bought seven cans yesterday…just in case. Here’s just a taste of how much we love pumpkin. Everything I list has been consumed or eaten by my family ... Read More »