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Tabasco Files Ain’t Foolin’ around!


So this week I posted a #tabascofiles that the Selfie Stick is being banned from certain concert venues, like Lalapalooza and Coachella.  Well, no worries for you selfie addicts!  Now comes THE Selfie SHOE BY MIZZ MOOZ! HOW THIS dad Bonds with his little baby!  SOOOO ADORABLE! I wonder if they recycle those bottles when they’re done? A guy on ... Read More »

Taylor Swift is Stalking Me


You might not know this about Taylor Swift – she’s a stalker! This song is by Ray Stevens – I think he is a new superstar! Well he is 85! He is like the Al Yankovich of Country! He is saying she is just everywhere these days! On all the magazine covers and he just sees her everywhere he goes! ... Read More »