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Snapchat Challenge!!!


CMT crowned Brett Eldredge the “Snap Chat King” and, personally, I think they got it spot on!!! Brett snaps all day long, singing stupid songs, whistling, backstage, goofing with his buddies, you name it, he snaps it!! Of course, as an avid snapper myself, I watch his.  Most of them are super funny, and really entertaining. Well, sometimes Brett will ... Read More »

A funny thing happened on my way to school……

screen grab judi

Today all over the Country and even Canada kids and their parents are celebrating national Walk To School Day #WalkToSchoolDay!   Growing up in Los Angeles, and before we moved here with my own kids, few children took buses to school.   Too much expense and traffic.  So parents would either drive the kids (I always did), or the kids walked.   In ... Read More »

Proposal at the St. Louis Zoo! Surprise!

proposal pic

What a GREAT time I had at the Ottertoberfest at the St. Louis Zoo!  Since it’s going on again this weekend too, I recommend GO!   You DO NOT want to miss it!  SO fun!  There was awesome things for the kiddo’s to do and learn about Ottor’s, Beer in the Beirgarten for the grownups and live music!  And you ... Read More »