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Kelly Clarkson & Zac Brown Talk Internet Trolls


We have come up with a real complaining internet is was it does. It really isn’t happy with any choice that people in the limelight make. I don’t know if it is trolls or we have become very judgemental. I think because others can’t see us we just say what we want. Kelly Clarkson was too skinny and was wearing too ... Read More »

TGIF Tabasco Files to Make your DAY!


A true love a son has for his mom is just heartwarming.  Musician, Joe Farley, visits his mom in her home where she is slowly suffering from Alzheimer’s.  It’s just beautiful to watch her reaction! What Joe says about the video below is:  “My Mom’s health has been deteriorating at an incredibly rapid rate and was put on hospice care ... Read More »