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Tabasco Files September 18, 2014

Happy Thursday from #tabascofiles!  How long can true love last?  How about 700 years?  This Buzz60 report has the story! There’s an App for everything, and I, personally use them all, just about!  Well, here are a FEW decorating Apps to make your project that much easier! Are you a hugger?  Are you uncomfortable with hugging?  Either way, this is ... Read More »

Lip Gloss In The Dark!


Another beauty tip from yours truly for Chick Clicks BFF Club!  As we were waiting to do WIL Big Bid winner Rebecca’s beauty makeover, I couldn’t wait to share a new lipgloss that is perfect for those times you’re in a club , or somewhere that is dark, and you need to re-touch that perfect pout!  Jessie K. , our ... Read More »