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The Ultimate Lego Organization


Will it stick or is a passing fad? My son, Alex, is the worst at putting away Legos. If you’ve played with Legos you know how they end up all over the room. My wife, please forgive her, has muttered every work in the book after stepping on tiny pieces hidden in the carpet. My boy’s floor is cover from ... Read More »

Hidden Messages in Logos! Can YOU see the Arrow and Spoon in the FedEx logo?


  FEDEX Logo Mindblow by Jordanlolqwerty on DeviantArt They’re subliminal.  They’re hidden.  Advertising and Marketing pros work tirelessly trying to come up with GREAT logos, and when you can add some subliminal images that the eye doesn’t pick up immediately, but the MIND does?  That logo becomes GOLD!  The next time you see a Fed Ex truck or box, take ... Read More »

Jeane’s College of Hollywood Knowledge 10-12-15

Jim & Jeane

Think you can school Jeane?? Answer 5 pop culture questions…get more right than Jeane and you win $100 of her own money!!   Today’s Questions!  Dale Earnhardt, Jr turned 41 on Saturday…what movie did he star in with Ricky Bobby?  A- Talladega Nights John Stamos plays a Grandfather in the new Fox show Grandfathered. He wasn’t a Grandfather back in ... Read More »