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Tabasco Files #TGIF The Dress, The Dress, The DRESS! Internets a MESS Cuz the DRESS!


#TheDress went viral last night and it’s really confusing!  Is the Dress Gold and White?  Is it Black and Blue?  Why are people seeing different colors???? BUZZFEED WAS BUZZING WITH WHAT TAYLOR SWIFT SAW From a post at THISASKREDDITPOST on person posted a cool link to test your COLOR PERCEPTION HERE Seoul Sinkhole Swallows people!  This is incredible! ... Read More »

Man Tried to Pay Bar Tab with a Rock


We still have a wild wild west in America? Where would you say it is? FLORIDA! All the stories we hear of crazy things happened in Florida! This guy drank some Bud Light at a bar and tried to pay his $10 tab with a rock, when the bartender turned it down he went to his and grabbed a briefcase ... Read More »