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Man Tried to Pay Bar Tab with a Rock


We still have a wild wild west in America? Where would you say it is? FLORIDA! All the stories we hear of crazy things happened in Florida! This guy drank some Bud Light at a bar and tried to pay his $10 tab with a rock, when the bartender turned it down he went to his and grabbed a briefcase ... Read More »

Til’ Death Did They Part, Literally. True Love Story.


I know it’s past Valentine’s Day, but what a beautiful love story! A couple who’d been together since elementary school, passed away peacefully just 5 hours apart….holding hands. Here’s their beautiful story: Another UpTown Funk Parody done by Seniors called “Oldtown Cover” featuring Alex Boye and The Dancing Grannies: Guess who’s coming to the next season of American Horror Story? ... Read More »