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What’s the POINT of Gift Cards?

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Holiday Season!  Good Food, Good Friends and Family, Good Times.  I do love the holiday season, and my favorite part is giving gifts.  I LOVE to really take my time to consider each person and try to tailor a gift that is specific TO that person.   I think for me, it’s how I show that I care about them.  How ... Read More »

How Amazon Air Delivery Will Work.. WOW

AMAZON DELIVERS DRONE DELIVERY VIDEO _ Amazon is hoping that drone delivery of packages is just on the horizon, and the company posted a YouTube video with TV personality Jeremy Clarkson Sunday to prepare us all for the new Amazon Prime Air delivery service. The long videos attempts t explain the entire drone process to us. After customers order packages ... Read More »

Video of the day. Cars strangely levitate.

There’s a video going around Facebook where two vans in China look like they start levitating at an intersection, and one of them flips on its side. But it turns out some construction workers were installing a telephone pole, and left a cable lying across the street. And when the vans get lifted up, it’s because the cable gets tangled ... Read More »