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Jeane’s College of Hollywood Knowledge 10-09-15

Jim & Jeane

Think you can school Jeane?? Answer 5 pop culture questions…get more right than Jeane and you win $100 of her own money!!   Today’s Questions! Agnus T. Jones, he was the little kid on Two and a Half Men, he just celebrated his 22nd birthday. What was the actor’s name that got fired from the show in 2011? A- Charlie ... Read More »

Insert Hockey Puck Here

Hockey Puck in Mouth

There are times I just don’t think and end up with a hockey puck in my mouth. Yesterday my email was full of…how shall I put this nicely…”unfriendly emails”… because I threw blue pens away on the show. Quick backstory. Jeane and I were talking Cardinals and I decided an easy way to show support  was to get rid of ... Read More »