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Channing Tatum talking about his Imaginary Friend


This is absolutely adorable! Channing Tatum is talking with Jimmy Kimmel about his imaginary friend when he was growing up! His name was Boy and he loved peanut butter sandwiches and cheetos, stuffed inside! Did you have an imaginary friend? Judi tells us she never did, but Shira and Leo both had one! She thought they were just blaming it ... Read More »

Lunch Link.. Guy opens beer bottle with his Butt


It’s a very odd thing! I was on the Lake of the Ozarks one time and I saw a guy open a beer can with his tooth! It was like a can opener! Well this guy opens a bottle of beer with his butt cheeks! It’s pretty amazing! There was some drinking involved, I guess. It is all brought to you ... Read More »