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THE latest APP you’ll Definitely WANT and the star of the SXSW Show!


It was released just last month, but it’s gaining fast on members!  SO HURRY AND JOIN, before they charge!  lol!  It’s a new live streaming app you can do from your phone!  And it’s soooooo much easier than so of those old ones like UStream that never did quite work just right.  it’s called “Meerkat” and it let’s anyone with ... Read More »

Grumpy LA man leaves $3 Million to Skid Row


Do you ever what the meaning of live is? Why are you here? What do people think about you? Are you just going to be a speck on this earth are people going to come to your funeral? Are people going to notice you? This grumpy old man in LA, he couldn’t make friends with anybody. Not his family, they were ... Read More »