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Teal is the color that symbolizes National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! background

Wear the color TEAL when you can this month because it is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness (SLOCA) is hosting activities and events throughout the month of September 2015. Kicking off the month this weekend with some big events!   Friday, 9/4/15: – Planetarium Lighting to Recognize National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – From 5:00 am to ... Read More »

How to Cook a Hockey Puck Steak


The colder the better! I have always allowed my steaks to warm up to room temp. It’s supposed to be better, juicer, you name it…grilling a room temp steak is the correct way to grill. Really? Maybe not. My mind may be changing and you might change yours too after listening to Scott from (he’s from here in St ... Read More »

Blowtorch The Tailgate


Use a blowtorch when you grill. Holy smokes, I gotta try this…use a blowtorch with my meat. Scott from The suggested this. Cook your ribs, however you wish to cook em, then use a blowtorch to caramelize the sauce. Hearing him explain it made me start to drool. I’m ready to do this…I just need to get my grill ... Read More »