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Christmas Wish


We have the best listeners. A mother in need called into the show and explained that she needed tires for her truck, to help get her son who needs regular physical therapy to the hospital. Her truck has tires that are bare and have no tread on them. I reached out to the amazing and giving Bread Head nation and ... Read More »

Lunch Link. She missed this for a million lol.


You know how we used to have the show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ Well it’s still going on in Australia, and a lady had the most simple question to win a million bucks, and she botched it! Check out the video above! Brought to you by Big Stix, sports bar and grill in Breese, Illinois. I will be ... Read More »

Tabasco Files December 18, 2014


What’s trending today?  Lots.  Some of what we talked about on today’s show: Finally succumbing to pressure and losing possibly millions of dollars, Sony Pictures has decided to pull “The Interview” from its’ intended December 25th release and there is no plans as of yet, to release it.   Allegedly rumors and news outlets have said it IS North Korea that ... Read More »