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Christmas Shopping


I got all of my Christmas shopping done yesterday. I took a few hours and went to a reputable retailer and was able to get everything I needed under one roof! I know what I need to get, and when I can get all the gifts I need to buy, and maple sausage links at the same place, that is ... Read More »

Happy Christmas


We had a caller ask that I not say Happy Christmas, and instead use the more typical Merry Christmas. I think that there isn’t a obligation to say Merry Christmas, and that you could say Joyous Christmas or Happy Christmas if you want, this is America after all! We don’t need nitpickers this time of year, just be happy and ... Read More »

New Year’s Eve Countdown

Starting at 9am New Year’s Eve and running through New Year’s Day, 92.3 WIL and STL CARSTAR are bringing you the best of the entire year with the Top Hits of 2014!  From Luke and Aldean all the way to Lady A and Carrie, you won’t want to miss this entertaining playback of the best singles the year had to ... Read More »