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Derrick’s Pet Of The Week.

Cambria A607702

Meet Cambria! ID#A607702 Cambria is a two-year-old domestic shorthair kitty with cute and unique tuxedo markings! Cambria is a mellow gal, and she would prefer a quiet home where she can relax in a window sill or a comfy lap. Cambria is a bit on the hefty side, so her new family will want to monitor her weight closely so ... Read More »

Today is National Stop Bullying Day…so STOP IT!!!

south park bo

Most people have experienced bullying in one form or another like in school or in the work place.  Bullying doesn’t discriminate.   It isn’t fun being on the receiving end of a bully in person or online otherwise known as cyber bullying.  Monica Lewinsky has introduced an app to help express support for victims of cyberbullying. The #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard ... Read More »