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Today is National Stop Bullying Day…so STOP IT!!!

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Most people have experienced bullying in one form or another like in school or in the work place.  Bullying doesn’t discriminate.   It isn’t fun being on the receiving end of a bully in person or online otherwise known as cyber bullying.  Monica Lewinsky has introduced an app to help express support for victims of cyberbullying. The #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard ... Read More »

The MOST Romantic Valentines Day?


So, there IS a chance for some cold and snowy weather on Valentines’ Day.  SO, if (as one survey says) the most romantic activities for a couple are going on a picnic or taking a walk, what other ideas are there that won’t be SOOO COLLLDDD!? Here’s some ideas I came up with, and please comment with YOUR ideas! Jazz ... Read More »

Mastodon Art and Science Regional Fair deadline is Friday 2/12/16

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I’ve often joked that I didn’t have any culture in my life before I met my wife Daisy who has been a professional artist for 14 years.  If it wasn’t for her I may not have taken the time to appreciate art and I thank her for that.  Getting the creative juices flowing is so important to the young people ... Read More »