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Florida Georgia Line LOVEs Nickelback!


We like to make fun of Nickelback, but Judi. Guys we look up to, Florida Georgia Line, loves Nickelback. and Nickelback has gone country. I have some respect for Florida Georgia Line for supporting a group that sucks, Nickelback. Florida Georgia Line thinks they are great! I want to know why we aren’t playing them? Judi said because we are ... Read More »

March 5, 2015 Tabasco Files


Give her an EGG!  This 16-month old can crack a nearly perfect egg over a bowl better than many adults!  Including ME!  Watch OUT “Hell’s Kitchen”, Chef Ramsey’s got a young one that could beat you all! Ever Dream of going on a Lion Safari?  This family went and got a huge surprise!  The Lion OPENED the car door!  See ... Read More »

Woman corrects $1,000 bank error – Would you?


Women writes that she goes to the bank first thing in the morning and they are not aware of the error. She told them they gave her to much money, $1,000 to much. The bank had to figure out where the money went and had to recreate the whole transaction. Good for her for being so honest! What would you ... Read More »