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Proposal at the St. Louis Zoo! Surprise!

proposal pic

What a GREAT time I had at the Ottertoberfest at the St. Louis Zoo!  Since it’s going on again this weekend too, I recommend GO!   You DO NOT want to miss it!  SO fun!  There was awesome things for the kiddo’s to do and learn about Ottor’s, Beer in the Beirgarten for the grownups and live music!  And you ... Read More »

MMA Fighter Michael Chandler stopped by to promote his next STL fight.


To this day I don’t know how these MMA fighters or heck boxers for that matter can separate sport from anger.  I’m telling you right now if you punch me in the face I’m gonna get mad…in the ring or out of the ring.  But these athletes do it every time they fight!  You know it is true because often ... Read More »

I Wish I Smoked


Tracey, my wife, answered the phone and all she heard was me saying, “I wish I smoked.” Here’s why smokers are so lucky. I got to work at 4am this morning and don’t leave the building until noon. I had to run outside to grab something from my car and was immediately jealous of everybody who gets to spend time ... Read More »