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Are You A Wicked Texter?

I’m having lunch with a friend, when all of a sudden in the middle of the conversation, she receives a text. So she reads the text. Then she goes on to have a ten minute texting conversation with the person who was NOT sitting having lunch with her!

This Diamond girl was feeling a little ‘chipped’ off to say the least! It got me thinking that maybe there should be a “Texting Etiquette” list that people should follow. Now, granted I understand when you get a text how difficult it is to ignore it. And it could be from work, or your spouse, girlfriend, or family member and could be important. If it is, by all means, please, answer back!

But if, as was the case with my friend, it is a casual text conversation all having to do with my friends, friend’s boyfriend leaving the toilet seat up again, don’t answer! You have a very good friend sitting right there with you just waiting to hear all about what’s been going on in your life! Live, and in person! Having said that, wouldn’t it be nice if we all (hey, me included! I’ve been known to do some rude texting too!) followed the common courtesy texting etiquette as follows:

  1. Let’s start with with just plain courtesy. Composing a text while you’re in a face-to-face conversation with someone is as rude as taking a voice call.

  2. Do not use texting for invitations to parties and definitely not for dumping a girlfriend or boyfriend. (and if you’re Taylor Swift, you’ll write a song about it!).

  3. Be careful what the tone of your text is. Say it out loud before sending it if it’s of a sensitive nature. I’ll just bet many fights have started from the “joke” message that the receiver took as serious! It is difficult to really get the tone in text messages, just as in e-mail. What seems to you to be a completely innocuous message may be grossly misinterpreted by the recipient, causing certain discomfort if not irreparable harm.

  4. This should be a given, but come on! People do it all the time! DON’T TEXT WHILE DRIVING! NUF’ SAID! We’ve all seen that Facebook video by now!

  5. Trying to be cool with Text lingo is kinda annoying if your over 15. Unless it’s the ones everyone knows! LOL!

  6. Just as you wouldn’t call someone past, say 11 at night. Shouldn’t we follow the same rule with texting? If someone keeps their phone by their bedside for emergencies, you might just be disturbing their slumber.

  7. And last but not least. And one which, I definitely tend to forget. Phones CAN be turned off. Think about it, there are very, very few things in the world that absolutely cannot wait.

Now go enjoy lunch with a friend! And if you think I’m completely off base, let me know! Or maybe I left some out! Happy Texting!