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BABYSIT AN ISLAND FOR $1,500 AN HOUR! Where’s my flip flops?

Crap…I wonder if I could use a fake accent like Madonna and get away with it?

Australian tourism officials are offering British citizens the chance to bag the “best job in the world” as the caretaker of a desert island — with a salary of nearly $1,500 per hour.

The position requires “minimum effort” and involves “relaxed” duties such as feeding turtles, watching whales, and picking up the island’s mail. Applicants require no academic qualifications, but must possess good swimming skills and a love of snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports. Candidates will also have to demonstrate an “adventurous attitude” and a “willingness to try new things”.

The successful applicant will live rent-free in the lap of luxury on Hamilton Island, dubbed the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Whitsunday Islands off the Queensland, Australia, coast. They will receive a three-bedroom house with “unbeatable” views of a crystal-clear lagoon lined with palm trees and ringed by white sandy beaches. The six-month contract comes with a salary package of $105,000, including free return flights, transfers, expenses and transport around the island. That equates to just under $1,500 per hour based on a ‘flex-time’ schedule of a 12-hour working month. The offer might sound too good to be true, but the Queensland Tourist Board insists there is no catch.