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Backstage with McGraw

There were 20 or so lucky Tim McGraw fans who had the chance to experience him up close and personal on Saturday night just prior to the concert. During the backstage experience, McGraw played a couple of his songs, including Don’t Take the Girl and Watch the Wind Blow By. He did a small question and answer session and was asked whether or not he was going to get to go home for father’s day. Lucky Tim, he said that he was getting to go home right after the show Saturday and was looking forward to having country fried steak and mashed potatoes at home with his family. Tim was also asked what advice he gives to up and coming singers. Tim replied that he tells everyone to move to Nashville. That is what he did. He sold everything he had, took a Greyhound bus and arrived in Nashville the day Keith Whitley died. Fortunately, for Tim his plan has worked out well.