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BEST Black Friday DEALS!

Come on, let’s agree now! The best thing about Thanksgiving has to be the day AFTER Thanksgiving! Known as Black Friday, it is the day when we get our engines running for all those great Holiday sales and get great deals on our gift shopping!

Well, I found a few GREAT sites that you can go to to get a “heads up” on all the major stores and the deals they’ll be having way before Black Friday! Here they are:

The last one, ( has a video telling all about them. I’ve attached the video for you. It’s pretty cool, you can actually search an item you’re looking to buy, and it will show you the ads for that item and the prices that they will be on Black Friday. But….be warned! As you probably already know, it is ALWAYS a first come first served basis with most of the really big sales items. So, like I said, put on your alarm clock and running shoes to get the best deals! Happy Shopping!