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Blake Shelton and Aaron Tippin at the Lincoln Co. Fair

Lincoln County Fair
July 14-18, 2009

Blake Shelton
Saturday, July 18 @ 9:00pm
Main Stage

With the success of his 2008 chart-topper “Home,” Blake Shelton took a long career step forward. With the release of Startin’ Fires, he leaps to a whole new level.

“Home” took Shelton into new musical territory, stretching him vocally and stylistically, helping him expand his audience to include those who might have missed the more traditional approach he’d taken to that point. Startin’ Fires, his fifth album, completes that journey, establishing him in the process as one of country music’s most talented and versatile song stylists.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do,” he says, “exploring richer melodies and challenging myself as a singer.”

Perhaps nowhere is his success more evident than in the project’s first single.

“‘She Wouldn’t Be Gone’ is definitely not the typical cut you’d hear on one of my albums,” he says. “It’s got a lot of minor chords and a unique melody for country music. Vocally, it’s one of the tougher songs I’ll ever sing and I love that. You have to have the right song and the right timing to do that, and ‘Home’ kind of opened the door for me.”

Long-time fans will find that Shelton honors his roots as well. Long known for the way he wraps his rich baritone around both emotion-laden ballads like “Austin” and “The Baby” and light-hearted party anthems like “Some Beach” and “The More I Drink,” he tackles songs about country life and attitudes with more joyful assurance than ever, bringing his personality to bear on the record as never before.


Aaron Tippin
Saturday, July 18 @ 7:30pm
Main Stage

Aaron Tippin is a force of nature, a man whose passion for music fuels an array of other vigorous enthusiasms. Apart from writing and recording songs and wowing crowds with his live appearances, Tippin is also a pilot, farmer, winemaker, outdoorsman, competitive bodybuilder and devoted family man. He even runs his own record label. It’s no surprise then that so many in the music industry regard this tireless South Carolinian as the “Hillbilly Hercules.”

Fresh from unveiling He Believed, his exclusive album for Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, Tippin has now released a second collection of songs, one that salutes America’s truck drivers. It’s called In Overdrive and features the trucker classics “East Bound And Down,” “Drivin’ My Life Away,” “Prisoner Of The Highway,” “Girl On The Billboard,” “Movin’ On,” “The White Night,” “Roll On,” “Truck Drivin’ Man,” “Long White Line,” “Drivin’ Fool” and “Danger Dave.”