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Budget Wedding!

I hear all the talk of our economy getting better, but the truth is, we’re all still having a tough time of it!

So what does a girl (or guy) do when they have dreamed of a beautiful PERFECT wedding most of their life, but don’t have the funds? Let’s face it, the hard part is over, right? You’ve found that perfect “someone”. So you can still have a wonderful, memorable day, without spending your first year of bliss in debt!

There’s a great website here that gives you a lot of great ideas and ways to save money!

Some of their tips: Lower the guest list! Seriously, people WILL understand, as much as you think they won’t. You don’t have to invite your manicurist, mailman and every acquaintance at work! Remember it’s YOUR day and it should be celebrated with the closest people in your life!

Look for a church that offers complte services or all inclusive packages, rather than separate fees that can add up. Rent the church alone, or hire your own minister.

You can also save a great deal of money by hosting your ceremony outside, like in a park or beautiful beach or even a green yard!

Have a casual reception and serve bbq items like burgers, chicken and ribs! And remember buffet style is less expensive than sit down meals! Also if you host your reception with a “theme” you’re more apt to save money!

Serving alcohol is a big expense at weddings. So you might think about perhaps only serving wine or beer. Or get your spirits in bulk order, it’s less expensive that way.

Do you know anyone who is extremely good with a camera? Perhaps they will photograph your wedding for you! Or you might think about checking out College seniors who are majoring in photography. Or when you book your professional photographer, get the minimum package. Trust me, you can always add later on usually!

These are just a few tips, but I really liked this site and hope it helps you out as well! Have a WONDERFUL wedding! Remember, it’s not about the wedding, but the marriage!