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Hey gang got another way to spend you working hours on the computer!

The Midwest Dairy Association has launched a new Facebook app called “Butter-Fy Yourself” that allows you to create and share of image of yourself that replicates the butter statues often created for state fairs. To butter-fy yourself, you just select a photo from Facebook or your desktop and then select a butter persona: Dairy Princess, Butter Hippie, Butter Cow, Butter Liberty, Butter Bouffant and Butter Up. You can then arrange your photo within that frame, slap it on a postcard, and share it with your friends via your wall, photo album or personal invite to join in the fun.

… Apparently, the first butter statue was created by Tibetan monks, who carved animals and gods out of the fatty substance, which was then jazzed up with colorful dye. After that, the buttery creations found their way to North America in the early 1800s, where people whipped up decorative patterns and displayed them at state fairs. In 1910, the first butter cow was created at the Iowa State Fair, and now you can find sculptures of all shapes and sizes at fairs across the Midwest.

(Link to the app)