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Can Kids Still Spell?

Society is becoming more and more impatient. I see it everyday, with road rage, parking lot rage, tapping of feet while waiting in the Starbucks line rage, and of course….the shorthand techno lingo that is used for texting and computer talk.

It’s a new form of society shorthand. But has it made kids lazy with spelling. What about you? how often do you use the following: brb, btw, lmao, lol, just to name a few, because you are in too big of a hurry to actually spell out words?

I know I’m guilty! The sad part is it could be creating a society of kids who can’t spell! I actually got a funny text back from one of my friends saying they couldn’t believe I actually texted using puncuation! Yeah!!! Puncuation? Remember that? I’m one of those who uses shorthand, but still puts in comma’s, hyphans, quotation marks…the works, while I’m texting. It’s purely selfish on my part, I want the other person to get EXACTLY what it is I’m saying. You know, the intonation and all.

I wonder though, is the shorthand lingo all that bad? I mean, yes, kids need to learn to spell, heck so do a lot of grown ups I know!! (Including me!) But what if computer lingo is becoming the universal shorthand? Is that such a bad thing? BTW (like that??), if you wanna help your kid spell, I found a great book online, it’s called “Better Spelling In 5 minutes a Day” by Mark Pennington.

Like I said, maybe some of us adults should get the book, including me!