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Christmas in May for our troops.

This is the email and pics from Julieann Najar:

Well, the May 16th “Armed Forces” Day /Christmas in May” for the troops is now history.
And it was great.
I am still working on all the stats. But here are pictures and what we did and those involved
Knights of Columbus ,donated their hall,and came and helped and packed their gifts to their “adopted” soldier Ryan Karandzieff,who is in Iraq.
They got over 50 boxes ready to send to Ryan.
Fry Wagner Co. Donated a container ,which has been in my back yard for 2 months and collecting over 1,000 wrapped gifts.
And my husband ,Joe, helped the driver get to the hall to start the packing
Kathy Sanders and her family did all the wrapping of the gifts.and Betty Ellison did some also
All the gifts for the troops were wrapped in Christmas wrap and with bows. And each gift was tagged ,Male,female and non-gender ,to make it easier to know what each soldier Needed.
The driver from Fry Wagner arrived at 6:30am and loaded the container.
The driver than brought the container to the Knights of Columbus hall on Chambers ,in North county.
We had the group from Knights of Columbus there to help unload the items and the following came and were ready to get this done
Jim Mattingley donated a large variety of Pizzas for our lunches
And the Knights of Columbus donated hot dogs
Mark with the Marine corp league
Patsy Jackson ,who co-ordinated the pizzas with Mattingleys for all of us. And she worked on packing the cookies and baked goods for the troops
Jerri Venti worked with Patsy to get all the items of “goodies” for the troops
Betty Ellison, was doing the items that came in and needed wrapping
Lisa Wood, awesome ,as she co-ordinates all the postage and getting these boxes ready to be picked up by the Post Office
Annette Gallager, who had “Chaplain Bnhg” and his unit ,which is large and she packed all of his gifts ,which were several large boxes to go out
Ole Man ,who had Chaplain Kim,also a large group of soldiers .so he had a lot to pack also
Norma Atwood ,who worked on several different boxes
Radar ,who was working on the items for Kelly Hudgins,a soldier and his squad in Iraq
Tauba ,who came in from Florida to help. This lady has been with us for over 5 years. And she knows how it works ,so she just dug in and was doing boxes for
Lt. Col. Olavaries and his unit
I was lucky as my mom,Mari came in from Hawaii and my sister ,Peggy,and her daughter ,Heather,from Ky. And they got in there and were working on the large boxes for Daisy Jackson and others.
My son ,Dennis, who was in the army and at TQ in Iraq. And he helped with all the big items and also packed boxes for one of the soldiers.
And of course ,we cant do anything without Carol Biggerstaff, who took a lot of these pictures and is such a driving force for all we do.
So I thank Carol and my niece Heather who took these pictures. Because those of you who know me, if it was up to me, it wouldn’t happen!!!!!!!!
So we packed and shipped about 4,550 pounds of gifts ,baked goods with Knights of Columbus to 8 units in Iraq and Afghanistan
And it was a great day. We started packing at 8am .and we were done by 10:30 am .and the post office came and picked up one load and then came back for the
Another load. So these units will be receiving their boxes in hopefully about 7 days.
Lt.Col. Olivares ,Chaplain Bnhg,Chaplain Kim will be receiving huge boxes with items. And Major Hewett received large boxes already with clothes for the children in Afghanistn
And a thank you to Wantuck ,a soldier who is on his way to Iraq.he had met Patsy and she invited him to come and meet some of these great people
So thank you to all who were there that day. It was a total success
Check out my Military links…there are great groups working everyday for our soldiers.