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Denim and Diamonds

Tomorrow night we’re gonna be at Wild Country Nightclub for the taping of St. Louis Country! It’s always such a fun time, the DJ spins the best country tunes, great dancing (beginner and advanced are always welcome!) and, of course, the people!

So if you’ve never been out to Wild Country, perhaps you’re afraid you don’t know what to wear, or you don’t quite know the appropriate etiquette, have no fear! Help is on the way! And if you’ve been lots of time, it’s always good for a refresher course! Here’s a great blog on dancing etiquette (there’s even a nice little floor graphic to help ya out), and fashion tips as well! Here’s the link:

Who knew there was a difference between “Western-Style” wear, “Country-Ballroom Style” and “Yuppie (yes, I did say Yuppie) Style”!

Of course, you should always wear what you feel great in. That is the number one fashion tip I can surely give! But please, just because you feel great in pajamas, doesn’t mean you should go out in them! I’m just saying….

I’ve also attached a video to Kid Rocks “All Summer Long”, proving that Country Line Dancing is EVERYWHERE! Here it is “Dutch Style”!

See ya at Wild Country !