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Denim And Diamonds

I do believe Kenny Chesney is one of the hardest working talents in Country Music. And of course, it’s not enough to sell of millions of albums, win countless industry awards and let’s not forget the “breaking record” concert ticket sales! No, Kenny Chesney can now tack on ‘fashion designer’ to his list of accomplishments. The country superstar has developed a new clothing line called Blue Chair Bay. He hopes the casual attire inspires people to relax.

“Blue Chair Bay is kind of like the place we’d all like to go if we had no obligations or nowhere to be,” Kenny tells PEOPLE. “That’s what I want this clothing line to represent. These are the clothes I would pack to go to this place.”

For a guy that works so hard, have ya ever noticed how many of his songs are about either being on vacation, or wanting to GO on vacation? so it would make sense that his fashion line would be all about relaxing!