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Denim and Diamonds

Let’s face it, normal people do NOT wear the clothes that are on the runways. The fashions you see on Project Runway (which premieres THIS WEEK, YEAH!) and the likes are certainly not what I would put on!

But that doesn’t mean you and I don’t want to be fashionable! Well straight from the runways a new look for fall 2009/winter 2010 that I believe any one can look great in!

It’s called the “Country Folk” look. And some of the pieces you gals might just be able to steal from your guys closet! had how to get the “Country Folk” look.

The “Country Folk” is a mix of romantic English Country style with feminine 70’s elements.

Heres a quick summary of the main elements of Country Folk:


Orange, grey, brown, beige, off-white, olive green.


Checkers print, barnyard-looking boots, lace, loose blouses, menswear fitted slacks, old English style like medallion pendants.

The standard combo for this top is pairing it with jeans (either light or dark blue). However if you want to look less like a barnyard gal, wear it with black straight leg pants. Have in mind that the print can widen your upper half. It’s a great choice if you have a pear body shape but if you have a heavy top or wide shoulders then you might want to balance it out by adding a pair of boots, or rethink your choice.


See! You COULD steal it from your guy! Also for the look:

Blousy tunic have always been a favorite among many women. But for this season focus on countryside colors such as dark brown, beige, off-white and burgundy.

Wear it casually with jeans and top it off with a long vintage pendant necklace for a sweet and nostalgic outfit. If the blouse is slightly big around the middle, wrap a skinny belt around it for a more sleek look. Adding a little bit of a romantic old English flair with ruffles along the hemline and/or with cute puffed sleeves.

Thick Knits:

The thicker the better! Go for neutral colors that go with everything such as brown, beige, off-white and gray. Choose between the standard knit turtleneck or long cardigan style, or the more feminine-looking kimono or belted look.

t’s winter and you should enjoy the comfy feel of a thick sweater. If you want to look sleek and stylish add a waist belt.

Note:Make sure that the neck of the knit doesn’t drown your head or neck.


I love the autumn colors associated with this look! It reminds me of driving up to Grafton during October when the leaves are an array of colors!

Any other ideas you have for Country Folk look?