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Denim and Diamonds

“Roses are Red, and so are Beets,

A Gal can never Have enough BOOTS for her Feet”!

Okay, cheesy, I know, but it came off the top of my head!

I just celebrated a birthday and my hubby surprised me with a new pair of boots! Actually, it wasn’t REALLY a surprise…I did what any smart lady would do. I didn’t just HINT about the cool boots I wanted, I actually SHOWED them to him, told him where he could purchase them, and reminded him of my upcoming birthday. And “surprise”! My new boots!

So what are the best boots for you to get? well, it depends on what you’re using them for. Are ya going out dancing at Wild Country in Collinsville? Well, you can dress em’ up! Last time I was at Wild Country, Sheriff Jerry’s lovely wife had on a pair of rhinestone embellished red boots that I just loved! They were snazzy, dressy and fun!

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Classic Boots like these:

Or you can go crazy and get a pair of Rock and Roller boots like these:

Love the metal heel on these!

Wear your boots and wear them proud my friend! I know I will!