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Denim & Diamonds

Let’s face it, one of the first things to go when we’re tightening the old “money belt” is luxury items. I know many guys that would consider us ladies, going to get our hair colored or highlighted at a hair salon, a “luxury item”. Let me tell you something men: It’s a NECESSITY!

Okay. Having said that, is there REALLY a big difference between getting your hair color or highlighted at a salon vs. doing it yourself at home? I put on my Denim and Diamonds research hat and decided to do some investigating. First off, I will tell you from my own experience, I have done both. Colored my hair at home and had it done in the salon, so I have some personal experience with both. I’ll get to that later.

Obviously the biggest difference is the cost. An overall color in a salon can cost anywhere from around $60 (A Fantastic Sams type place) to upwards of 200 bucks or more! There’s a lot of details depending on the price. Your type of hair, the length and if you’re going from light to dark or dark to light. Now this is just overall color. Highlights and lowlights, either with an over color or alone, is even more expensive from my experience.

A box of at home color? Well, that can run you anywhere from $5 at a Walgreens store to $20 or more at high end beauty supply stores. Obviously a much more economical approach. But can one get the same results as a salon?

First off, let me just say my sister in L.A. is a hairstylist. She would cringe that I’m even writing this blog! I’ve talked to her before about this. Her feeling is, if you’re desperate, and can’t spend the money nor have the time to go in a salon, do it at home. BUT…just remember (her words): “Stylists work very hard to get their license. They have the knowledge and experience. You wouldn’t attempt brain surgery on your own, would you?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell my sister that coloring hair “isn’t exactly brain surgery”…We got in enough fights when we were kids! But I DO get her point. A professional is, of course, always the best way to go. But we’re talking saving money here sis!

It seems the consensus, as well as from my own experience, is that an overall color is much easier to do at home, then highlighting. I have had good success with coloring at home. Just know this, the color on the box is NOT necessarily what YOU’RE gonna end up with. But highlighting and lowlighting? Leave to the pros.

I agree with that. I tried doing highlights on my own using the cap with the holes in it. NOT GOOD. I couldn’t get the back of my hair good and it looked too zebra to me.

I found a great website with really helpful tips for at home coloring here:

I’ve also attached a really helpful video for at home hair coloring. I thought the young lady really was concise with her explanation! Hope it helps!

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