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Evites Tacky Or Smart?

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t received one yet (except maybe my mom and dad). I’m talking the Evite. Evites are invitations sent via email for parties celebrating anything from birthdays and holidays to anniversaries. You go to the “evite” link that is sent to your email (taking you to the evite site and to the specific event) and you click on the r.s.v.p. that usually says something like “attending”, “not-attending” or “maybe”. (Could you just IMAGINE putting a “maybe” on a written invitation?)

I’m a little torn about whether I believe them tacky or smart. I received one yesterday for a friends big birthday that will be celebrated in Italy (He’s Italian and will be going there for a trip and having a party with relatives and such). It’s a big deal, to say the least. Since not many invitees are probably going to be able to afford such a trip to his big day, and therefore probably won’t be attending (other than his own relatives), I just felt that an Evite really wasn’t enough. Okay, that’s just my feeling. I mean, don’t you think it would’ve been cool to have a picture of the birthday guy with maybe a picture of Italy on it for the invitation? But the evite was just so generic, and..btw, it did end up in my spam at first! Good thing I didn’t erase it right away!

Some of the good things about an evite would be it saves the environment, although I wonder, isn’t the usage of electronics also bad for the environment? Also it’s much more convenient with people’s busy lives to just send an evite, and honestly it’s easier to RSVP, and you don’t have to feel guilty if you can’t attend, because,’s impersonal, so you just check the box on the evite and never have to talk with your friend. (I suppose that could also be considered a con!)

The cons of Evites, well one to me would be that, as I said earlier, they’re generic. You can’t really personalize them like you can a paper invitation. I know so much of communication is done electronically, but wouldn’t it be nice to leave some things a bit more formal? Also what happened to me, can happen to alot of people, and that is that they end up in spam. Also, in the Evites you can see everyone that has been invited, which I also think is tacky. I wonder what Miss Manners would say about the whole thing.