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Five Dollar Software!

I stumbled upon a great site, so I thought I’d pass it on. Let’s face it, software for your computer can get pretty expensive. But there’s some great educational software out there for your kids to learn everything from their ABC’s, to help for high schoolers doing Trig!

I happen to love finding new recipes, and although you can find anything on the web, it can be sometimes daunting to narrow your search. I found The best of Food and Wine software on this site as well as the Art of Making Pastries all for five bucks! When I first found the site, I was thinking “sure, the cost is good, but what about the shipping?” Well, it looks like they have a flat economy rate of $3.99.

They have plenty of software which costs more, but if you look under the $5 or less category on the left of the front page, you’ll find lots to choose from. Here is the link to the site and have fun!