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Furst needs a Home…NOW!



This is the story of FURST.Several months ago Furst was found lying in the middle of Rock Road, in Jefferson County, MO. The dog was so big, thank God, people drove around it instead of driving over it. An Angel, Nancy, pulled over to see if there were any tags on ‘the body’ and as she got closer, to her shock, she found the dog was alive. His eyes were totally crusted shut and as Nancy knelt over and talked to him, he tried to lick her hand. She tried to get him up and out of the middle of the road, but he was so emaciated and weak, he couldn’t stand, much less walk and just laid back down. It was as if the dog had given up and lain down to die.

Nancy, called Animal Control and stayed with the dog, guiding traffic around him until theAC officers arrived to help 40 minutes later. Two officers lifted the dog in the truck and took him back to the shelter, not expecting him to survive the first 24 hours. They gently cleaned his eyes and began feeding him and talking to him… petting him.Not only had he been deprived of food, it seems he had also been deprived of affection. As starved as he was, he was more interested in pushing his body against the wire grate and being petted than he was in eating the treat he was given by a volunteer.Ten days later, after finding out that ‘Furst’ was also blind, it became evident that it would take a very special rescuer to save this loving boy.

Fast forward 10 months…. Sweet Furst is now a strong, healthy, happy rottie, and one of the most wonderful dogs you could ever hope to meet!Approximately 1 ½ years old, he enjoys his large yard and has no problem being an inside/outside dog.He has great senses, but he still tends to run into things due to his blindness, so will require a little patience.He’s a total sweetheart — a truly wonderful dog! Loves life



and loves everyone!To quote a fellow rescuer, “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more loving dog… that includes any I’ve ever had!”

Now Furst and his fellow rescue dogs MUST FIND FOREVER HOMES ASAP as their rescue family is being forced to relocate and downsize.Much as they care about the dogs, the family can no longer provide the space Furst and the others need.If you can provide a safe haven for Furst, please, PLEASE contact me ( as soon as possible.Unfortunately, the clock is ticking and these guys need a place to go – NOW!!!Thanks!!