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Get out and vote!!!

Well Super Tuesday is just hours away. That means we may be one day from finally knowing who will be running in what I think is the most important and unique election of our life. They are unique for a few reasons…

  1. One there is no incumbent running for the first time in nearly a century.
  2. There is a real chance we will have our first female or African American president.

With so much riding on Super Tuesday do you think that Americans really know the issues? I would hope so but my gut tells me differently. Yes I think we know that Hillary is a woman, and John McCain is a man and a war hero, and that Obama is African American, and that Romney is Mormon and has nice hair. What worries me is that these are the differences that some will be voting on instead of the real issues. The real issues are if you are for higher or lower taxes?? What about health care? Do you want the government in control of this? What about the war? These are just a few issues that mean so much. I hope that you understand them. I think the reason it is so hard is because we have heard it all before. We have seen so many promises not kept. Starting with just last year many candidates promised lower gas prices. We have seen so many negative adds ect. I hope we don’t fall into their trap and get blinded by the non issues. So my question is do you plan on voting? What is the main issue that has influenced your vote? Thanks for reading this blog and I hope whoever we choose that America will remain the greatest nation on earth!!!