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Guitar Slapping


Ever seen Guitar slapping?Well I have not at least how this guy in the video does it.. It’s is really amazing to me just how much music he is making and how it appears little effort is being put into it. Playing a guitar to begin with is cool. It seems like it really sets a lot of artist apart from the rest. Look at how popular Brad Paisley and Keith Urban are. Even experts that are not big fans of country music always mention them .They are considered some of the best guitar players in all music right now.Look at Taylor Swift and how popular she has become. I think a big reason is that she is only one of a few that play guitar as well. Then you have George Strait who well he holds a guitar. I don’t think I have actually ever seen him play it lol. I don’t think he even needs to though yaknow. J

If you love music like I do I think you find it amazing just how some artist have the talent to sound so unique and really create there own style and sound.