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Help our soldiers!!!

Bo I recently spoke to you a little over a week ago about Kirlins Hallmark stores.

We are doing a program called Setniments 4 Soliders. Basically what it is that customers can purchase a box of Christmas Cards for $5.00 they are normanally sold for $9.99. Or they can make a cash donation to go towards buying a box. We have sent in the years past over 1 million cards to our soliders. This years goal is to send 10,000 + boxes. Most of our st louis stores are in the major malls as well as myself in dardenne prairie and other strip malls like chesterfiled valley and four seasons. I just wanted to see if you can tell your fans to maybe visit us and buy a box of cards or make a donation to help a great cause. Ours started with a person from our company who had 2 friends over in iraq and was sending emails back and forth and asked if there was anything she could send in a care package that he would like? His response was I like to have a anniversery card that I could send to my wife. So 6 years ago we started Sentiments 4 Soliders. So we do our part by surporting our families by sending the very best. Please visit for more information or store locator info. Thank you very much for all you do in surpporting our troops. God bless you

Connie Rieser
Mgr @ Kirlins Hallmark 133
7913 Hwy N
Dardenne Prairie, Mo. 63366