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How Brad found his Bride.

In 1991, a then-unknown BRAD PAISLEY went to see the movie Father of the Bride, starring Steve Martin. Little did Brad know then what a role the then-unknown actress playing Martin’s daughter would have in his life. The film launched Kimberly Williams’ career and several years later she became Brad’s real-life bride. So when Martin played the Grand Ole Opry over the weekend, Brad and Kim decided to pay him a surprise visit. Kim hadn’t seen Steve Martin in about 10 years and Brad had never met him. Of course, Brad couldn’t attend the Opry without also being drawn onstage to perform. And one of the songs he played was Then, his current number-one hit. As he prepared to begin the song, Brad had a sudden realization. “I stood there and she stood on the side of the stage and Steve Martin was backstage — the reason that I even know who she is…”