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How Tiger SHOULD’VE Apologized!

According to here is the definition of the word SORRY:

SORRY (adj.): feeling regret, compunction, sympathy or pity.

It took over so many networks, you’d think something really meaningful had taken place in the news! No. It was just Tiger Woods saying “I’m sorry” for 14 minutes. PUHLEESE! Can we say “rehearsed”? And who wrote that stuff anyway? I don’t believe it was actually Tiger, do YOU?

He should’ve really watched this short video on the CORRECT way to apologize! In one minute he might’ve had everyone eating out of his hand, and maybe he wouldn’t still be eating in the DOG HOUSE! Perhaps he just wanted peoples pity (see definition, above!)

Make sure if YOU have to say you’re sorry, do it the right way! Watch the video, and don’t forget….THE GIFT! 😉