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I need a Nerf phone!

How many cell phones have I owned in my life…mmmm??? Thought I would be buying another today…but my Monday started out great. My issue thank goodness was simple. The trackball on my Blackberry wouldn’t scroll to the right very smoothly…my first thought…”I need a new phone” but I did a little research and the FAQ said to roll the trackball as fast as I could in the direction that was having the problem to possibly dislodge the debris that is lodged in there…well that didn’t work. It said that if that didn’t work than go to an authorized service center. Then I was on my way to the repair store and the trackball seemed to be work a little better than it had been…at the service center the tech removed the trackball, blew in some canned air and Booya! It now rolls smoothly again. If I ever have to buy another I will look into this phone that is described below.

THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST PHONE _ Got a problem with busted cell phones? Maybe you’ve dropped and broken one too many, or made them gone swimming in the toilet? Then the JCB Toughphone is for you. It’s been named the world’s toughest mobile phone by Guinness World Records. It was dropped from a height of 10 feet, sprayed with water from a high velocity jet and even placed in a cement mixer. Guinness said only superficial cosmetic damage would be tolerated, with even a small crack in the screen jeopardizing the record attempt. The JCB Toughphone passed the tests.