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Kenny Chesney shirtless and homeless!!!

Ok ladies…there you go…something to blowup and print off using the ink on the office printer. But the real story is Kenny Chesney is currently homeless.

My sources are giving me conflicting reports saying KENNY CHESNEY may have purchased a 7,000 square foot mansion in Key West, Florida.
… Kenny released a statement late last week: “It’s funny how you can be moving out before you even move in,” laughing about the big news about his new house in Key West. “I may’ve been naive to think I could just go down to the Keys and disappear… because that was the idea. I wanted to find a place where I could just be, and thought I’d found it. But with all the buzz since we signed the papers, the last thing I want to do to someplace I love as much as Key West is change the dynamics, especially for the locals who have been so good to me… So, I’m stopping the insanity before it begins. The For Sale sign is back up, and I’m just not going to be able to take possession of the house.”

So if you’re in the market…The five bedroom home was built in 1898 and comes with a fireplace in the master bedroom and a 42 foot swimming pool.