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Kids Jewelry Making Them Sick?

If you have a daughter, you know how much they LOVE jewelry! I can’t walk by a Claire’s with my daughter without stopping…and, of course buying! But that cheap jewelry could make your kid sick! I was really shocked when I saw this article in Good Housekeeping!

They apparently tested five styles of earrings and two necklaces they purchased at Walmart, Target, and Claire’s. They hired an outside lab which analyzed all the pieces and looked for heavy metals, including lead which can be poisonous if ingested!

They found that all seven items contained lead well above the legal limit in children’s products. The products they picked up were labeled with some warnings that said not suitable for children under age 7, 12, or 14, but according to Good Housekeeping, were still being marketed to those ages regardless. And I’m telling you right now, a 13-yr-old girl at the mall with her friends is going to not read those warnings!

Seriously, “not intended for use by children under 14” doesn’t mean they’re not going to be getting or receiving it also according to Good Housekeeping, and I completely agree!

So what is GH’s recommendation? Just don’t buy inexpensive jewelry for kids. Yeah…easier said then done!