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LaLa Land

I’m spending a few days visiting my family in Los Angeles, and especially my sister who is in quite a fighting match with a big bully who goes by the name of Ovarian Cancer.
My sisters one tough lady, so the bully on the other side of the ring better duck, cuz she’s
gonna knock you out.

Whenever I tell people that I moved from L.A. to the midwest, their first reaction is always…”why?”.

Let me tell you, after being back just a couple of days I easily can say back to them:
“Why NOT”?

Yeah, the weather is great, I’ll say that much. When I left on Tuesday the high in
St. Louis was to hit a whopping 13 degrees. I landed in LAX and immediately began peeling off the layers as I was met by a sunny 80 degrees (and a hug from my pops!). So other than the weather and my family, I’d say that’s about it for me.

Every time I go back, I see how much “dirtier” L.A. seems to have gotten. People seem even more disconnected, and yesterday I walked into Starbucks and counted 3 different tables where movie scripts were being perused. Oh, but they REALLY wanna DIRECT!

The smog is bad, and the TRAFFIC!!! Did I mention…the TRAFFIC!!! I will NEVER complain
about highway 40 AGAIN! (Don’t hold me to it, you know I will).

And by the way, if you’re wondering, I’ve seen no stars. Although I did spot a guy who
could’ve used a few pounds on him riding a bicycle in only a thong. yeah. A thong. (I can picture Bo cringing just about now!)
Welcome to LaLa land!

So though I wish I could magically come back here any time I wanted to spend time with
my family and friends, I’d still rather keep my homestead in the midwest. Where the people
are real, You count the miles to get somewhere instead of the hours, and people actually
seem to be listening to you when you talk!