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Let the Back To School Fashion Battles Begin!

When I was a kid the only solace to the end of summer vacation and “back to school” was the new back to school wardrobe that was always promised.

Of course, now as a grown up I can look back fondly on those memories. Ahh, but if I look just a bit closer, I do remember the fights and arguments that went along with those shopping excursions! My poor mom! I was a real pain!

I wanted Levi’s! She bought me Wranglers! (they were less expensive, and just as good…but try telling THAT to an 11 year old!) I would cry for the name brand sneakers “all the kids had” and my mom would promptly respond “Too bad, JC Penneys sells very well made shoes for half the price. If I get it for you, I’d have to get them for your brothers and sister!”.

And now here we are, that time of year again! Time for parents to get out those shopping boxing gloves and spar with their kids! But can there be a compromise? Where parents can come in budget and their kids can feel stylish and good about themselves?

A few days ago I read an article about the fact that parents all over are going to be spending less this year on back to school clothes. It was all over the news. So good! That means only one thing! Big sales to bring out shoppers! So maybe there IS hope!

This weekend is tax free weekend in Missouri! It starts at 12:01 AM on Friday, August 7th and continues through the weekend! Best part, school supplies AND clothing items are included in the sales tax holiday! That can add up to big savings!

Another way to make the experience a pleasant one for parent and child: Discuss the budget ahead of time. Then go online with your kid and check out retail stores merchandise and prices. Much of what you will find in the store you can see online and then you can fight in the privacy of your home over what your kid can and can’t have within your budget (instead of in front of strangers, which, let me tell you, is quite embarrassing!).

Just a few ideas there for ya! And here’s wishing you much luck in your back to school shopping! Hope it’s a peaceful event! :)