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MUST Know Family Traveling Tips!

How in the world did we ever survive before the internet, that’s what I’D like to know! Seriously, any question or info you need is RIGHT at your fingertips! And I’m ready to pass along to you a FANTASTIC website for families who travel together!

It’s and it is a website that is a survival guide for Moms who travel.

With vacation tips and information any mom would love to have!

For example, here are these great five tips for traveling with kids they had on the site:

1. Power up. Never leave home without a power strip. It will come in handy at the airport and in the hotel, especially for laptops and kids DVD players!

2. Take a picture–in the parking garage. No one wants to ruin that vacation afterglow by a two-hour trek through the parking garage trying to remember where the SUV is parked. Simply shoot a photo of the parking spot before you unload the trunk and you’ll know exactly where to find your car when you return.

3. Bring a map. It will come in handy if the GPS crashes and it can be great fun for kids. They can follow the progress of the road trip and look for nearby sites that might be worth a stop.

4. Pack one essentials bag. Put a toothbrush, jammies and one change of clothes for each family member into a single suitcase. If you fly, it’s your carry-on with the necessities in case a checked bag is lost. If you drive, it saves you from unpacking the entire car for every one-night stop.

5. Bring snacks. Whether you’re flying or driving, food and drink is the key to keeping kids happy. Choose water–it doesn’t stain when it spills–and leave the salty snacks at home. They just increase thirst! They’ve also got blogs on destinations for teen kids and the top vacations to take babies! So check out this great site before you go on that family vacation!! Have fun!