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My first fantasy football experience helps the soldiers

Last week I get an email from Charter Communications asking if I’d like to play in this fantasy football weekend…I said sure…never expecting to win…love football…grew up watching the Vikings in the cold of Minnesota…but had never done it before. But I took a stab at it and the email that follows is what I received.

Thank you very much for lending your celebrity, and for making your football picks, in support of the Charter High-Speed® Internet Football Contest on Sunday, Nov. 8.

Thanks in large part to your support, the event was a tremendous success. Charter will donate $1,000 to the charity of WIL 92.3’s Bo Matthews’ choice, as he was the leading celebrity game picker.

Again thanks for the support!

Keesha Irving

Charter Communications

So fittingly since it was Veteran’s Day I knew exactly where that Grand was gonna go…to the Veterans Administration at Jefferson Barracks. The work they do for our soldiers day in and day out with limited support of Uncle Sam is incredible. Knowing that Maura Campbell and her staff will make this thousand dollars go extremely far.

God Bless America

Thank you Veterans.