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No More Happy Meal Toys?

I read one study recently that said that the McDonalds Happy Meals make up over 40% of their overall sales! So this news out of California might be making some of the rich executives over at McD’s none too happy!

Read this from Yahoo writer, Jessica Ashley:

“Officials in Santa Clara County in California voted yesterday to ban toys from meals that are marketed to kids and are packed with calories, fat, and sodium. This could hit McDonald’s Happy Meals and other fast-food chains hard.

But the officials who supported the ban say that this kind of food is hitting kids even harder, contributing greatly to the childhood obesity epidemic in this country.”

I have to kind of agree with some of the officials. There is a definite epidemic of childhood obesity and we MUST do something about it! This is the first time in history that I’m aware of that parents are in better shape then their kids!

Blame the sedentary life of computers, video games, television and pure laziness. But do we also blame Happy Meals?

For me, it was rare that I bought my kids Happy Meals purely for the toys. (Okay, on one or two occassions I bought them for the collectible Beanie Baby toys, but that was for me!) I actually bought the Happy Meals because they were fast, convenient and just the right amount of food for a little tyke. So what if McDonalds, and other Fast food chains, really got some nutritional experts and Dieticians on board and created healthy Happy Meals? Of course, they they’d really NEED the toys to lure the kids in THEN, but wouldn’t that make more sense? It’s hard enough for us parents to get their kids to eat anything that has green in it, but if there were a toy to dangle in front of them, it might just work!