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People are crazy tattoo challenge has been met!

When Billy Currington made an appearance on the David Letterman show…even Billy was surprised at his support of the song People are crazy. David Letterman said “this song will be played on jukeboxes for a thousand years” and he went on to say “People will have the words of this song tattooed on their bodies” Well I have been on the look out for the first person in St. Louis to do just that. I’ve found him…and I promised a prize so I have my bunkhouse babes scouring the prize vault to come up with something.

On September 10th at 10:03am I was emailed a picture of the People are crazy tattoo…Ironically he goes by the name T-bone and not only did he get the tattoo…he did the tat himself. Yikes!

On the same day at 2:12pm I received an email from Joyce with the picture of her People are crazy tattoo.