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Slogan Schmogan!

I just read that Los Angeles has decided to come up with a new Slogan for an upcoming two million dollar ad campaign to try and draw tourists to their city. The new slogan:

“That’s So L.A.”!

Personally, having lived in L.A., I think I could’ve come up with something better. Like maybe “Come to L.A….Leave Your Brains Behind!” or maybe “Come To L.A., Even Though You Really Want To Direct”.

Now, you might remember that St. Louis did something similar back in 2007. They decided to change our cities slogan to “St. Lou Is All Within Reach”. Did it help? Hmm….one wonders.

What might a better one have been? Maybe “St. Lou Is All Within Reach…Unless You Need To Use 40”. Or how about “St. Louis…We’re not #1 for Crime Anymore!”

Hey, ya got any better ideas? Love to hear them! :)