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The K-9 units overseas need your help. Will you?

The founder of the organization, A soldiers Wish List, is requesting
donation to help out the military K-9 Units serving in Iraq.
Unfortunately, these K-9 Units do not have enough supplies for their
dogs, so they are asking us to help donate toys and treats for their

The following items are needed: Tennis balls, Kong’s or toys that are
rubber and big enough so the dogs can’t swallow them. Please, no
vinyl, cloth or squeaky toys, remember these are working dogs.
Treats: Milk Bones and Greenies.

It is not just our Soldiers protecting us, but these dogs as well.
It’s so easy to forget and over look them, but these dogs are also in
harms way, protecting their handlers and many of them have died doing

To make a donation, please contact Deputy Scott Burkard with the
Jefferson County Sheriff Office at 314-606-1027, Diane or Bob “Triumph”
Flowers at 314-487-1121, or . Or drop your donations to Bo Matthews at the WIL studios 11647 Olive Blvd St. Louis, MO 63141

I just heard from Mary Williams from St. Bernadette Credit Union in South Co. and she is also a drop off point for these items listed above. They are located at 4343 Telegraph Rd (south of 270/255) you can call 314-892-6325. Thanks Mary!!!