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Things you should NEVER Post on Facebook!

Let’s face it, we LOVE Social Media! Be it Twitter, Myspace, Digg or the most popular of all…Facebook, we enjoy sharing our day to day activities, thoughts and photos!

But that doesn’t mean you should be sharing information that could get you in trouble! Crooks are scouring the net for unsuspecting victims! More and more employers (and potential employers) are looking at the activity it’s employees do on Facebook and other sites.

Having said that, here are the 6 things you should NEVER post on your Facebook profile, wall or status. Have fun with your social media, just BE CAREFUL! Here’s the list thanks to

Your birth date and place
Sure, you can say what day you were born, but if you provide the year and where you were born too, you’ve just given identity thieves a key to stealing your financial life.

Vacation plans (might as well just say rob me!)

Home address (BIGGGG MISTAKE, and people STILL freely do this!)


You may hate your job; lie on your taxes; or be a recreational user of illicit drugs, but this is no place to confess.

Risky behaviors
You take your classic Camaro out for street racing, soar above the hills in a hang glider, or smoke like a chimney? Insurers are increasingly turning to the web to figure out whether their applicants and customers are putting their lives or property at risk.

Password clues
If you’ve got online accounts, you’ve probably answered a dozen different security questions, telling your bank or brokerage firm your Mom’s maiden name; the church you were married in; or the name of your favorite song. Got that same stuff on the information page of your Facebook profile? You’re giving crooks an easy way to guess your passwords.