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Not every freshman packs on the supposed Freshman 15, but many do gain weight their first year in college. Some tips for keeping the weight off.

You need to eat regular meals, whether your schedule permits it or not. Packing a healthy lunch (or snack) in your backpack that includes protein will make it easier to resist junk food cravings.

Don’t skip breakfast. A high-fiber, low-fat breakfast that includes protein is a powerful way to start your day.

Never snack out of the box or bag. It’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten when you’re studying or hanging out. Take out one serving and put the package away before you eat what’s on your plate.

Drink water at meals instead of pop or beer and use water to quench your thirst between meals and flush out excess sodium.

Keep healthy snacks in your room. Consider renting or buying a small refrigerator for your room so you can store your own foods and depend less on dorm meals.

Look at active transportation. Walk whenever and wherever you can. Walk to your classes and take the long way. Walk off campus too. Instead of driving or taking public transit, save some cash by walking or cycling and getting your exercise at the same time.

Don’t drink your meal by indulging at the coffee shop. The drinks are delicious, but they’re also full of calories and fat.

Party smartly. Eat a healthy meal before you go so you aren’t starving when you get there and end up binging on chips. Plan to limit your alcohol: Alcohol is one of the main reasons students gain weight at school. One beer usually contains at least 150 empty calories.

Minimize stress in your life to prevent stress eating: Keep yourself and your schedule organized. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Exercise can be a great way to relieve tension and reduce stress