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Top Country Songs If Written By A Mom!

I love country music and I especially love some of the titles of the songs. But what if the songs were written by moms? What would some of the popular songs you know and love (and we play here on WIL) be titled if a Mom had a say in it? Well I couldn’t help myself! Boy, I came up with a lot, but lucky for you I narrowed it down to only the Top 10 Country Music songs if written by a mom:

#1 “Jesus Take The Wheel, And My Kids While You’re At It”

#2 “Cowgirl Don’t Cry: But Mama Might If You Don’t Clean Your Room”

#3 “Cleaning This Gun: Cuz I Just Saw Your Report Card

#4 “Roll With Me Down The Grocery Aisle, And NO You Can’t Have That!”

#5 “Already Gone, on my 3rd field trip this week

#6 “All I Wanna Do: Is Take A Long Nap!”

#8 “Waitin’ On A… Man to change the kids diaper!”

#9 “Pain At The Breast Pump

#10 “Good Time…cuz we got a babysitter!”

Okay, hope you didn’t cringe too much! I do this vlog webshow where one of the things I write are top 7 laundry lists ( so I couldn’t resist blogging this one. More to follow (what…are you cringing again??)