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Way to go Dennis Phillips!

Well the World Series Of Poker Main Event just ended in Las Vegas. Over 6,800 people put up there $10,000 for a chance at over 9 Million! St. Louis own Dennis Phillips made it through the huge field and to the final table of 9 earlier this summer! Well the final table called The November 9 just played and Phillips with his Cards hat on came in 3rd and won over 4.5 Million dollars! It is really cool to see it happen to a local who is proud to advertise his favorite team! Dennis is a class act to! Before even winning the big prize donated $10,000 to The Pujols foundation over the summer. Phillips also put up over 50 friends in Vegas to help him celebrate. Can you believe he has plans on going back to work as a truck salesman at Broadway Trucking in Soulard?

Would you go back to work if you had just won 4.5 Million?