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Ways To SAVE At The Grocery Store!

In this economy we are doing everything we can to save money and one of the best places we can save is at the grocery store. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly noticed the prices inching up every single time I go to the store. Let’s take cereal for instance. I’ve NEVER understood why cereal was so expensive, and now it’s even more ridiculous! And Coffee? Forget about it! I used to be able to buy a package of pasta for ninety-nine cents, but no more! Anyways, I digress as usual. So here are some tips on how YOU can save when you go to the store (some of these I got from and some I added myself):

1. Do It Yourself: Chop your own veggies, wash your own lettuce and make your own sauces. Skip preseasoned rice and pasta mixes, buy unseasoned grains (like brown rice) and add your own herbs and spices (healthier anyway).

2. Don’t buy those fancy fortified foods: Vitamin drinks, cereals designed for women, and energy bars are all fortified with extra (and often unnecessary) nutrients—and have the price tag to prove it. Whole foods provide all the nutrients you need for a fraction of the cost.

3. Don’t WASTE: Instead of tossing all those little bits of leftover chicken or meat, save them to use later in the week, like for tacos, fajitas or soup.

4. Buy Economy Size: For what you’d pay for 10 individual packets of oatmeal, you could get 25 servings from a container of whole oats.

5. Trying going vegetarian once in awhile: beans, brown rice, polenta and whole-wheat pasta are loaded with crucial nutrients including fiber and folic acid, yet cost much less than meat, fish or poultry.

6. This ones obvious, clip coupons! But BE CAREFUL! I’ve noticed with me, I’ll cut coupons and think I’m saving, but the coupons seem to always be on the major brands. If I buy the store brands, many times I’m saving more than the major brands even with a coupon.

7. Make a list and buy ONLY what you need! I’m definitely bad at this, I always tend to veer from my list and that IS when I spend more money! Also, the old myth about not going to the store when you’re hungry…very TRUE! You WILL buy more than you need, and lots of times it goes to waste!

8. More expensive items are always at eye level (most of the time), so check the top and bottom of the shelves for better bargains.

9. Keep Your Receipt! If you find an item you bought is cheaper at another store, take the receipt and the ad to the manager and nine times out of ten you’ll get a refund. Hey! They don’t wanna lose your business either in this economy!

Do you have any tips you could add? We’d love to hear them!