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What Was Dierks Thinking?

So, what was Dierks thinking the first time he heard his song What Was I Thinking on the radio. Well, Dierks said that the first time he heard the song on the radio, he was on I-65 in Nashville and pulled over to the side of the road so that he could just sit there and listen to the song on the radio. “I’ll still go and scan the dials when I’m back in Nashville to see if my songs are on there, and if it comes on, I’ll crank it up,” Dierks continued. “It’s not just because I want to hear myself on the radio, but I love the way it sounds. Hearing a song go from writing [it] to the studio to the album and hearing it on the radio — everything sounds different on the radio. It always sounds better, I think. I still [like to] listen to my stuff on the radio.”