Country’s hottest stars are in Nashville for the CMA Music Festival today (Thursday) through Sunday. And while in town they’ll hit up their favorite hot spots.

Carrie Underwood
“I go to bed,” Carrie says of what she likes to do during the CMA Music Festival. “That’s my spot. ‘Club bed.’ It’s wonderful, I tell you. Yeah, there’s so much that goes on. You get out there and boy, it’s so dang hot here! And it’s humid and everybody’s sweating. I go home and I feel like that makes everything that much more tiring. I feel like I’ve been running a marathon in the sunshine all day.”

Brad Paisley
“There’s my farm — that’s outside of town — but I love the Opry. … I would call that my favorite place in the city of Nashville. That hallowed place that feels like home that has accepted me from the very beginning. If I, on a rare weekend off, am able to go out there and sing a song or two, I feel like I’m doing something important and part of the birthplace.”

Miranda Lambert
“I like this little bar called Losers. It’s fun. It’s got the best jukebox in town.”

Luke Bryan
“My little boy, Bo, loves a baked potato, and Jason’s Deli makes a big ol’ baked potato. Every time I’m home, my wife and I, we take little Bo to get a big ol’ baked potato. I know that sounds totally random, but that’s our deal.”

Reba McEntire
“Go to The Station Inn in Nashville to watch the Time Jumpers perform. They’re a group of studio musicians and performers who come to play every Monday night. They play Western Swing, traditional country music. They’ve got three fiddles and a steel guitar. It is unbelievably good.”

Martina McBride
“I love to go to movies, go out to eat. Sometimes we go bowling. We don’t get out a lot in Nashville. We’re gone so much that when we get home, we want to stay home.”

Darius Rucker
“I like to go gamble at the Hard Rock. It’s always a party in there.”

Laura Bell Bundy
“Go to The Patterson House … it’s like an old speakeasy. You have to sit there, and you can’t walk around. There’s rules — guys aren’t allowed to hit on girls. You have to talk to the people you came with. You can have a real conversation and also have a weird funky drink that was made in the ’20s.”