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Why Mess With Perfection?

According to (the gossip dude, not the heiress), Simon Cowell (Yeah, the American Idol dude!) is in negotiations with legendary film producer Robert Stigwood to obtain the rights to Saturday Night Fever for a remake!!

Why, oh WHY must hollywooders decide that great movies need to be re-made? Saturday Night Fever is one of those movies that I believe would be considered a classic. It was a movie that created an era of fashion, dancing, music. John Travolta brought out the disco in people, just like he brought out the country in people with the movie a few years later, “Urban Cowboy”.

Well, apparently if Simon can he will. And…get this, he has a “dream cast” for the remake! He wants Zac Efron to play the lead role of disco king, Tony Manero! (Didn’t Zac say he didn’t want to do any more musicals?)

And according to Perez, Hip-hop producer Timbaland was tapped to rework the famous Bee-Gees soundtrack. UGHH, give me a break!