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Why So Rude?

Can we put the blame on Reality Television? Think about it, some of the worse behavior seems to be when “Every Day” people find their fifteen minutes in front of the camera! (Think Jersey Shore!) But don’t you think our society seems to be getting ruder and ruder?

What about the rude behavior (not to mention bloodshot mugshots) of celebrities like Mel Gibson (remember how he was to that policeman “allegedly”), Britney Spears (lest we forget the un-underwear shot) and Lindsay Lohan (just about everything she’s done in the last two years)!

I admit, I watch Reality T.V., so aren’t I just as guilty by adding to those psuedo-celeb’s fifteen minutes?

Or maybe it takes time to be courteous and we live in a world where we’re tapping our feet when it takes longer then 10 seconds to get on our web browsers, and we’re rushing around all the time on ten cups of Starbucks! (LOVE their Cafe’ Mocha’s!)

Think on all the “rages” out there today: Cellphone rage, checkout rage, road rage, parking lot rage, bank rage, car alarm rage, honking drivers rage, pedestrian rage, parents yelling at coaches at their kids sporting event rage (otherwise known as “sideline rage) just to name a few!

Here’s the big question…if it’s getting worse, and we’re getting meaner and ruder, can we turn it around? Is there any way that we, as a society, can get…nicer?

I have a friend who gives me the nickname “Pollyanna” because I’m always trying to look at the positive side of things. So having said that, yes, I do believe it’s possible. But it’s gonna take a LOT of work!

I saw an article online at Readers Digest and here are some suggestions on how to rise above Rude Behavior:

Don’t meet Rude behavior with Rude behavior. Just because someone’s being a jerk to you doesn’t mean you have to do likewise! (My dad used to always say to me “Two wrongs don’t make a right”!)

Remain Calm

Practice Restraint

Teach good manners early on to your kids. Please, Thank you, Sir and Ma’am can go a LONG way! (As any good country boy or girl know!) I’ve attached a great video on tips for teaching how NOT to be rude to your kids!

Presume Goodwill. That’s my favorite because it goes along with my Pollyanna mentality! We can curb rudeness and make for a happier place for us all to reside! One “Please” and “Thank you” at a time!

I’ll start by saying “Thank you” for reading this blog! :)