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Why Taylor’s So Popular

It’s not just her music, which she writes from her heart. It’s not her beautiful glamorous looks. I believe it’s something more that makes Taylor Swift so popular, especially with young girls, and I witnessed it at her concert last night.

Taylor Swift is, simply put, a nice person! And it’s not an act, she really is like that (which, btw, was confirmed to me by our own WIL Midday host and Music Director, Danny Montana, who knew “her when” and said she really was THAT nice!)

How refreshing is that? She sings about her own awkward days as a freshman in high school, of heart break received from a certain “boy band” boy (lol, as if we didn’t know!), and of being Fearless.

Her show was great last night. If she sang a flat note, I sure didn’t catch it. Her costume changes were just what you would imagine, fun and creative. And I must say, loved her rendition of that Justin Timberlake song, nice way to rock it Taylor!

All in all the concert was great, and she gave her St. Louis fans quite a show! I believe Ms. Swift is an artist who will be around for a long time!