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You are what you FOLD!

You’ve heard the old expression “You are what you eat”, right? How about you are “How you fold your laundry”? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but according to Yahoo.shine, the way that you fold your laundry has a connection to what kind of personality you have!

Read the list and see if you “are what you fold”! It’s a fun, waste of time…but, hey! So is Farmville (which I AM addicted to!)

What Your Laundry Folding Says About You

You Are: Type A Personality
You’re always on time, never forget a friend’s birthday and store leftovers with those dated labels.
Some Advice: Being organized makes you feel accomplished—but also prevents you from letting loose. Trick yourself into blowing off tasks by making a note to do them later.

You Are: The Imperfect Perfectionist
You have it together for the most part, but you’re okay living with a few dirty little secrets.
Some Advice: You find it difficult to keep up the momentum when there’s no pressure to finish. Get back to projects you’ve forgotten—like that recipe book you were making—by tackling them while watching TV or eating dessert.

You Are: The Clutter-monger
You still have a packed suitcase from a trip you took last month—and usually live out of the laundry hamper anyway.
Some Advice: Start small, with the junk drawer in the kitchen or one section of the closet. You’ll probably find it refreshing to see your closet floor again.