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Carrie’s Concert Experience Big, But Intimate

Carrie Underwood says that when designing her set for her Play On tour she wanted to give her fans an intimate concert experience. However, she also wanted the stage to be a big, grand, and very impressive. “We’ve got just a giant stage. Just the feel, it’s just huge, moving parts on the stage, stuff coming up out of the stage. It’s just a lot of fun.” The second leg of her tour consists of 47 dates and Carrie is donating 36 cents of every ticket that is sold on the second leg to Save the Children’s United States Programs. The donation was inspired by the lyrics of her album track Change. The song addresses how even the smallest amount of spare change can add up to make a difference in helping to change the world.

You can check out how Carrie did designing an impressive stage, while still keeping an intimate concert experience yourself at Chaifetz Arena when her tour stops here on December 1.