Finding a job these days isn’t exactly easy. But there are jobs out there — if you don’t mind going the unconventional route. Try these out:

SHOT GIRL — For a woman in her 20s, taking home between $300 and $600 a night is excellent pay, which is about how much shot girls make.They’re paid 25 cents for every shot they sell at the bar, with the rest coming from tips, which vary between $1 and $20 per round. The watered-down tequila in a plastic test tube and Jell-O shots cost 15 cents to make and sell for $3 or $4. After the young woman gets her cut, the cash is evenly split between the bar and the company managers. The shot girls wear revealing tops and short shorts, which may not make it an appealing job for all women.

SUBMARINE COOK — In Australia, a senior submarine cook with more than six years of experience earns $200,000 per year, the same as a junior admiral. The base pay is $58,806 per year, but the key is in the bonuses, including $50,000 a year just for showing up for work, because the job is listed as “critical to the navy.”

PEARL DIVER — It’s a dangerous occupation, but diving for pearls in Australia pays well. Offshore rates are $1,300 Australian dollars ($1,216 American) per day, and overseas daily rates start at $500.

MASTER SOMMELIER — Experienced sommeliers, who help diners in upscale restaurants find wines that perfectly complement their meals and their palates, can earn $80,000 to $160,000 per year. They develop restaurants’ wine lists, advise clients on pairings and must know many wines by detail.

AIRPLANE REPO MAN — If you like adventure and high-stress work, this is the high-paying job for you. Aircraft repossessors can get a 6 to 10 percent commission of the resale price of a plane they get back for a bank. For planes costing millions of dollars, that can add up to $10,000 to $900,000 per plane. Be prepared for tough work, though. Some repo men get shot at or tossed in a foreign prison.

WHITE HAT HACKER — Instead of trying to steal information from computers and use it to make money, these ethical hackers help companies find security holes in their computer systems. The top certified ethical hackers earn up to $123,900 per year, and need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.