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GREAT Phone Apps!

When I first got my iPhone about a year ago, I went, shall we say “App Crazy” to say the least. Well, I realized I wasn’t using half the apps that were on my phone! So I’ve since done a little clean up, and in the process discovered NEW apps that I not only HAD to have, but had to pass on to you!

Now you don’t have to necessarily have an iPhone for most of these. The aps will work with Android, Symbian Nokia, Windows mobile and more. Anyway, here are some apps that are mostly free and GREAT! Enjoy! And remember, don’t text or look at your apps while driving! 😉

MYHOMEWORK: Track homework assignments and exams.

Kids can organize tests and due dates on a calendar, set up study groups with friends, and get e-mails reminding them of deadlines. A color-coded system makes it easy to prioritize work.

Download details: iPhone; free;

WAZE: Receive up-to-the-second traffic updates.

Waze relies on user-provided info (think Twitter) to get the latest on accidents, detours, and jams. You’ll know when traffic gets better—or worse—before the local news station.

Download details: Android, iPhone, Symbian Nokia, and Windows Mobile; free;

LOSE IT! Keep track of weight loss.

This motivational and monitoring tool offers diet plans, sends exercise goal hints, and has calorie counts for 23,000 foods. Share your progress with other moms.

Download details: iPhone; free;

iCURFEW: Enhance communication between teens and parents.

GPS-style software updates parents on a teen’s location, and kids can check in easily—and often.

Download details: iPhone; 99 cents;

Grocery IQ

Generate shopping lists and organize coupons.

Once you’ve saved your grocery lists, you’ll get reminders about products you usually buy. Categorize items by store, food group, or aisle. Sign up for coupons and sale alerts.

Download details: Android, iPhone; free;

Smart Tip: At, enter your cell phone model to learn which apps are available for your phone—and where to get them. Apps are rated on a five-star scale, and the site supports 2,000 different devices.