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Rascal Flatts Ready to Start Next Decade of Music

Rascal Flatts have spent the last decade as country music’s top-selling group selling nearly 20 million albums and also as one of it’s most popular touring acts. They are starting the next decade as veterans on top, and, in transition.

Rascal Flatts is set to release their new album Nothing Like This on Tuesday. They have moved to Big Machine Records, also home to Taylor Swift. They are also contemplating bigger things.

“We truly feel like a new act,” LeVox said. “The first 10 years flew by. … We’ve got at least another 10 to 20 left.”

“Twenty, 30, 40,” Rooney said.

While the group, who has created their own sound with mix of country and pop, has accomplished more in their one decade than many acts do in their entire careers, but there are still those out there that don’t think they are very country.

“That’s probably the thing that hurts the worst, that people don’t think we’re country. … If they could cut our hearts open and look at our souls, we are country to the core,” said Rooney, who with his bandmates dreams of the day the group is a member of the Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Not that the band is dwelling on what their critics think. They’re looking to the next decade, hoping to make an even bigger impact than they did in the previous one.

The group has plans to move into new territories and increast their international profile in 2011, among other plans that they are not ready to talk about.

The guys of Rascal Flatts see growth beyond the bottom line as well. They’ve been leery about tinkering with their sound, but 10 years in the business gives them the confidence to shake things up if they want.

“When you have some tenure and some years in the business, you can do a gospel record,” DeMarcus said. “It wouldn’t be a stretch for us to do a hard-core country record someday because that’s what we grew up cutting our teeth on. Even bluegrass. There are some sides of us we’ve yet to discover that I’d like to explore someday. I’d like to hear our voices and our take on a lot of different kinds of things.”