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Sugarland Settles Lawsuit

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush of Sugarland avoided a public trial which could have become nasty when they settled a lawsuit, which was set to go to trial Monday, with the group’s founding member. Kristin Hall, the founding member of Sugarland, left the band five years ago to pursue a solo career. In 2008, she filed a lawsuit against Nettles and Bush claiming that she was owed an estimated $14 million of the group’s profits after she left.

In the lawsuit, Kristin Hall, who founded the band in 2002, claims that she set the stage for the group by acting as the manager, marketing officer, and tour organizer in the group’s early years, that she paid for the band’s expenses with her personal credit card, and that she “collaborated generously” on the debut album for the group which sold millions of copies. Nettles and Bush countered stating that no profit-sharing agreement had been reached between the them and Hall and that they were left to repay $100,000 in debt after Hall left and there was no “expectation that the parties would ever work together again.”

On Friday, a US District Court Judge signed a court order stating that the parties to the lawsuit had reached a settlement. While the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, it was disclosed that the parteies have until December 13 to complete the agreement. Attorney for the parties have not been able to be reached for comment.